On the run – Wang Huangsheng

【Academic】Opening Lecture: Pi Daojian


Speaker: Pi Daojian, Fan Dian, Zhang Zikang, Yang Xiaoyan, Feng Yuan, Wang Minan, Lu Mingjun, Yan Yong


Date: 2014.12.21

Venue: Hall 1, Redtory Museum Of Contemporary Art (RMCA)

About the Lecture: With the warmly invitation of Fan Di’an (the dean of Central Academy of Fine Arts), Mikhailovsky Simon (the dean of Repin Academy of Fine Arts), Zhang Zikang(the deputy director of National Art Museum of China),Yang Xiaoyan (the associate dean of the School of Communication and Design of Sun Yat-Sen University), Feng Yuan (the professor of Sun Yat-Sen University), Wang Min’an (the professor of Capital Normal University), Lu Mingjun, Yan Yong and the other scholars and youth critics), Retory gathered a group of senior scholars and art critics to deeply discuss issues regarding contemporary art at the opening ceremony.