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【Academic】Opening Lecture

Speaker: Liu Xiaochun, Yang Xiaoyan, Lu Hong, Sun Zhenhua, Feng Yuan, Hu Bin

Date: 2015.03.08

Venue:  Hall 5, Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art (RMCA)


About the lecture:Pi Daojian deems that Li Huichang’s paintings are overwhelming astounding with weird, absurd and unimaginable images and scenes. These figures and scenes which originate and surpass concrete images are equipped with irresistible magic power, which can stimulate our vital energy and cultivate focused alertness from numbness. They continue language model of traditional ink-wash, while directly face constraints, embarrassment and confusion incurred by urbanized life; They strive to seek for conformity between writing charm and current experience and incorporate a compassionate feeling for all mankind in the tacit conjunction process of sprinkling paint and images of figures and objects so as to highlight people’s difficult-to-adapt survival predicament after modernity, facilitate us to restore inner tranquilness in hustle and bustle and settle our minds in refection and introspection.


As to Curator Liu XIaochun, the things manifested in LI Huichang’s painting works are all urban ghosts without existence of congested skyscrapers, huge neon network, layer-upon-layer flyovers and magic matrix computer clusters etc. In other words, the things

confronted by him is not metropolis but urban ghosts. In his paintings, mistiness, nothingness, insipidness and intangibleness are all different from traditional and original cultural significance. It is an intangible verticality, wandering fear as well as vague and remote ghostly crying with a tight grasp of human soul. Li Huichang’s fear built with utilization of elegance, permeability, smoothness and miniaturization isn’t second to Francis Bacon’s created fear through utilization of black-out curtain. His urban worries and anxieties is not rational but intuitive, is not philosophic but poetic. May he could maintain this state. May he could become increasingly distant with Francis Bacon.