Black Birds

【Academic】Gellary Talk

Speaker: Artist: vital Cnaani × Curator: Yaniv Shapira


Venue: Hall 2, Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art (RMCA)


About the lecture:

My works are located in a junction between sculpting and drawing. Derived from the human body, they form images of primordial animals, pieces of frayed land, vegetation that climbs and falls, heads whose shape escaped them.Using Materials such as wood chips, clay and  rumpled Formica, my sculptures are imitating discarded living bodies, hanging limply on the wall or resting agitatedly on the floor - thorny, frightening and overpowering.


The drawings, made with carbon copy paper and ink, graphite or paper cuts, are a choreography of lines and shapes that are competing and completing each other in a play of heaviness and lightness, thickness and airiness. Hiding and revealing. Diving and floating. They are crowding together as if they are trying to become a  substance.


The nature describes in my sculptures is defeated. It is revealed in its nakedness, laid horizontally on the floor or on the wall. It is reduced to its basic shapes, animated and striped down of its original being as an archetypal whole.


My installations aim to rise ideological questions regarding the correlation between an object and its surroundings, which simbolizes for me the relationships between wild life and nature, animals and humans and between the domestic and the savage.  


About the speakers:

Avital Cnaani: Avital Cnaani received her MFA from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and her B.ED. from Hamidrasha School of Art. She received the Israeli Ministry Culture Award for Young Artists in 2009 and was an America-Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship recipient in 2004, 2005 and 2008. Sinceher first solo exhibition in 2004, Cnaani has had four solo exhibitions in Israel, including at the Herzelia Museum, Petach-Tikva Museum and Gallery 39. She has also had numerous exhibitions internationally, including at the Israel Museum, George Kolbe Museum in Berlin Germany, Kuandu Museum in Taiwan Soma Museum in Seoul and Harlem Studio in New York.

Curator:Yaniv Shapira: Yaniv Shapira was born in Israel (1967). He studied Art History and Jewish Philosophy at Tel Aviv University. Since 1995 he serves as a curator at the Museum of Art, Ein Harod, where he has curated numerous art exhibitions. He has been the Director and the Curator of 'the Kibbutz Gallery' in Tel Aviv for five years and a guest curator at several other museums and galleries in Israel and abroad. Shapira is currently completing his doctoral dissertation which deals with sense of Place, of Belonging and of Identity in Israeli Art.