Chinese Contemporary Photographic Exhibition


Speaker: Lu Mingjun/Weng Naiqiang/Zhang Dali/Feng Yan/Ji Zhou


Date:2015.04.24 15:00

Venue:Hall 4/5,  Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art (RMCA)


On April 24th, 2015, the first session of the exhibition “The persistence of images” was opened on RMCA Hall 4 and RMCA Hall 5 in Redtory Art & Design Factory. At the afternoon of that day, hosted by academic host Lu Mingjun, the symposium was organized among curator Wang Chuan, Artists Weng Naiqiang, Zhang Dali, Ji Zhou and Feng Yan. The exhibition is started by the evolution of industrial and post-industrial culture which Redtory represents. Through the exhibition and symposium, new thoughts and experiments about the medium of photography are launched with the relevant topics about the history, time, memories of cities and daily experiences, etc.