On the run – Wang Huangsheng


Curator: Pi Daojian

Art Director: Alice Wong

Artist: Wang Huangsheng


Duration: 12.21.2014 – 3.26.2015

Venue: Hall 1, Redtory Museum Of Contemporary Art (RMCA)


Organizer: China Central Academy Of Fine Arts

Redtoy Culture &Art Organization

Redtory Art &Design Factory

Media Partner: China Internet Information Center /Art China


December 21, 2014 is definitely a fest when Wang Huangsheng- the Director of CAFA Art Museum and the former Director of Guangdong Museum of Art, conducts his contemporary art exhibition with the name of “On the Run” at Retory Museum of Contemporary Art (RMCA) which was newly established and its opening ceremony is held at the same day. Curated by the noted scholar, art critic Pi Daojian and directed by Alice Huang - the director of Retory Culture & Art Organization, the exhibition last for over 3 months and fall its curtain on April 26, 2015. With the warmly invitation of Fan Dian , Wang Mingan and Lu Mingjun, Retory gathered a group of senior scholars and art critics to deeply discuss issues regarding contemporary art at the opening ceremony.


With many honorable titles, Wang Huangsheng is now the Professor and Doctoral Advisor in CAFA, the Director of CAFA Art Museum, Deputy Director of the Specialized Committee of the China National Art Gallery and the Member of the Expert Committee of National Contemporary Art Research Institute under the Ministry of Culture. Wang is also a specially-appointed professor in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Nanjing Art Institute, South China Normal University and Minzu University of China, who is the expert entitled to Government Special Allowance (GSA).As a Museum Director and an obliged art critic, Wang has been constantly working on Chinese Shui Mo and all kinds of modern arts from the middle of 1990s during which Wang has hosted and participated in many contemporary art exhibitions with far-reaching consequences and devoted himself to critical writings. His works are highly introspective with the broadening horizon from the art itself to a wider exterior world, which are regarded as Wang’s mediational productions for the relations between art languages and knowledge production, individual values and social responsibilities, and the one between historical continuity and current living status.


The exhibition includes Wang Huangsheng’s paintings Heaven and Earth, Fly and Free, Roaming and Apparition, Reflection Visions/ Revelations Visions, Lines Visions, video work Aureole, installation works Separation and Distance, Conversation, Aureole, Spill Light, and some of his early works. The exhibition will also present Wang’s important contribution to the field of art criticism and art curating since the middle 1990s. The exhibition could be considered as a collection and presentation of his accomplishments on contemporary art. Redtory is an art and culture organization in Guangzhou, which is vibrant, energetic and has its own culture taste. It has been dedicating on broadcasting and promoting contemporary art, as well as making contemporary art playing a more significant role on cultural ecology. Pi Daojian, a curator, insists that contemporary art is an indispensable and irreplaceable member of contemporary culture. On the Run is not only a title of Wang’s solo exhibition, but a reflection of Redtory’s dedication on promoting contemporary art culture as well. From Pi’s perspective, On the Run at Redtory contemporary art center is not only a symbol, and is more about a determination.



【Academic】Opening Lecture: Pi Daojian

Speaker: Pi Daojian, Fan Dian, Zhang Zikang, Yang Xiaoyan, Feng Yuan, Wang Minan, Lu Mingjun, Yan Yong

Date: 2014.12.21

Venue: Hall 1, Redtory Museum Of Contemporary Art (RMCA)

About the Lecture: With the warmly invitation of Fan Di’an (the dean of Central Academy of Fine Arts), Mikhailovsky Simon (the dean of Repin Academy of Fine Arts), Zhang Zikang(the deputy director of National Art Museum of China),Yang Xiaoyan (the associate dean of the School of Communication and Design of Sun Yat-Sen University), Feng Yuan (the professor of Sun Yat-Sen University), Wang Min’an (the professor of Capital Normal University), Lu Mingjun, Yan Yong and the other scholars and youth critics), Retory gathered a group of senior scholars and art critics to deeply discuss issues regarding contemporary art at the opening ceremony.