The organizers will invite 12 artists that to presents works dialogue respectively in three seasons exhibition:  Weng Naiqiang, Zhang Dali, Ji Zhou, Feng Yan, Zhang Chaoyin, Ta Ke, Yao Lu, Hong Hao, Feng Mengbo, Zhang Bo, Liu Zheng, Lu Xiaoben respectively. Their embracing unique working methodology and their understandings to ward photography or video are divergent.


As the curator Wang chuan said,they have distinctive identities and were born in different ages. They possess various opinions toward photography, and their ways of taking photos are virtually diversified. Nevertheless, they repeatedly make inquiries about the substantial questions of photography and images with their own approaches. They are persisted but never obsessed. If the research on a particular case can explore the real meaning of an individual’s thoughts and the content of a practice, it is more valuable to investigate such case in all kinds of relations and comparisons. Thus ,the similarity and distinction of artist’s medium situation, object choice, strategy, and aesthetic judgment will be definitely enlarged and accentuated, which is exactly the origin of this exhibition’s basic structure ------ twelve artists/photographer, 6 relatively independent but interactive dialogues, alternated emerged within three rounds.


Chinese Contemporary Photographic Exhibition Season 1

Curator: Wang Chuan

Artists:Weng Naiqiang/Zhang Dali/Feng Yan/Ji Zhou

Duration: 2015.04.24—06.29

Venue: E7/E9 Galleries, Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art (RMCA)

Organized: Redtory Art and Design Factory

Media  art.china


On April 24th, 2015, the first session of the exhibition “The persistence of images” was opened on E7 and E9 Galleries in Redtory Art & Design Factory. At the afternoon of that day, hosted by academic host Lu Mingjun, the symposium was organized among curator Wang Chuan, Artists Weng Naiqiang, Zhang Dali, Ji Zhou andFeng Yan. The exhibition is started by the evolution of industrial and post-industrial culture which Redtory represents. Through the exhibition and symposium, new thoughts and experiments about the medium of

photography are launched with the relevant topics about the history, time, memories of cities and daily

experiences, etc.

Chinese Contemporary Photographic Exhibition Season 3

Curator: Wang Chuan

Artists:Feng Mengbo/Zhang Bo/Liu Zheng/WassinkLundgren

Duration: 2015.09.25—11.23

Venue: E7/E9 Galleries, Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art (RMCA)

Organized: Redtory Art and Design Factory

Media  art.china


On September 25 th, 2015, The Persistence of Images——Chinese Contemporary Photographic Exhibition (Season 3) was held in E7 / E9, Redtory. This exhibition was organized by Redtory Art and Culture Organization, the curator of the exhibition was Wang Chuan and its academic host was Lu Mingjun. Themed with history, time, city memories and daily lives, this exhibition presents the understandings toward photography and the experiment on such medium from different perspectives


This exhibition invite Feng Mengbo, Zhang Bo, Liu Zheng and WassinkLundgren. Feng Mengbo is a representative and pioneer, who devoted himself into digital art. Photography and video frequently warm breeze in his glorious interactive gameartwork. If you have just experienced virtual mirror in his first-person game, and promptly put on eyeglasses with the color of red and green to see a photo series of Shanghai old museum, you will then experience a force of time exchanging. It is from the combination of digital techniques and profound background of plastic art. But at this time, the collaborations of his new works as well as images, sound, live performance and all factors’ collaborations will force us back to his extremely strange and personal experience of 1950s. On the other side of this parallel relation, they are pencil and camera, black-and-white TV and Internet, model operas, anti-pornography and anti-Triad...Zhang Bo outlines his lonely ten years from a number of images, however, in which every one of us could clearly find ourselves once and again. This is such a decade when the quantity of photography grows incredibly. Liu Zheng, as a respective of new photography movement in the 1990s of China, has been highly pure and proficient in photography since he has been immersing himself in technics and traditional language of photography for decades. However in the recent period, he was unrestrained to experiment and fight in public art with the foundation of publicly participated mobile Internet and the classical landscape photography. The large public art project named Selfie showed his understanding and reasonable to span the bridges between media and technics as well as his courage to abandon the familiar proficiency. Nevertheless, the exhibited "new landscape" series returned to his inner self. To confront the extensive image century where Liu Zheng himself was also enveloped in, he chose to fight back with perseverance in his own way of interpreting the classics. Reluctance is also courage between choices. Ruben Lundgren, who spares no efforts to embrace mass media, which originated from his innate sensitiveness to mass media and which also constructed the approaches him quickly, adapted himself to Chinese culture and society. Thijs Groot Wassink and Ruben Lundgren start their artworks with the resource and objects from entertainment lives in mass media. Moreover, they endeavor to eliminate the inherent style of photography and visual regulations. To combine the specific presentation method of "simple and fine", their artworks with precise and vivid visual keywords, render the media era in characteristic complication and nihility, complexity and flatness.




Speaker: Lu Mingjun/Weng Naiqiang/Zhang Dali/Feng Yan/Ji Zhou


Date:2015.04.24 15:00

Venue:Hall 1 Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art (RMCA)