Artists:  James Benning, Amir Fattal, Feng Mengbo, David Krippendorff, Lin Xueming, Katie Paterson,Hiraki Sawa,Shen Shaomin,  Song Dong, The Propeller Group, Bill Viola,Wang Huangsheng, Zhang Dali

Duration: Permanent Exhibition

Venue: Hall1,3,4,5,WORKSHOP

Curator: David Elliott

Organizer:Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art | RMCA


As well as staging regular monographic and thematic exhibitions of major artists for over 5 years, the Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art has also been assembling a significantcollection of art from both Asia and the wider world. This has focused not onlyon how the function of art itself has developed in different contexts, but alsoon how our perception of the world around art has changed.

These‘images of transcendence” imply an ability to go beyond mundane detail and to see, oraspire to, a better and more intelligent state. Artists see the world in many different ways and this, of course,reflects their experience and what they see as the future. Their work may be equallya channel for empathy with others and also open up new ways for us to see howwe fit in.

Experiencein life is rarely seamless and may seem an endlessly jerky succession ofconnections and fractures. Yet, rather than being the process of constantdiversion from a single objective that this may imply, it should suggest astate of infinite possibility: a fluid moebius strip in which a new connectionmay be made out of every fracture, and any connection may be broken to create abetter link.

The13 artists chosen for this exhibition all look at the past, present and future asa series of connections in which their work provides a platform for contemplation,enhanced experience and understanding.


Amir Fattal  | 1978 | HALL 1

ATARA  | 2019 




Lin Xueming | 1954 | HALL 1

The Wall | 2016

Rice Paper


Shen Shaomin | 1956 | HALL 1

How Long is Infinity | 2011



David Krippendorff  | 1967 | HALL 1

Nothing Escapes My Eyes | 2015 




Zhang Dali | 1963 | HALL 1

Dialogue and Demolition | 1998



Hiraki Sawa  | 1977 | HALL 1

Absent | 2018 




James Benning 1942 | HALL 1

Two Moons | 2018 




Bill Viola  | 1951 | HALL 3

The Martyrs | 2014




Katie Paterson    | 1981 | HALL 4

Langjökull, Snæfellsjökull, Solheimajökull | 2007 




Song Dong  | 1966 | HALL 4

Touching My Father | 1997-2011

Performance by Video


 Feng Mengbo | 1966 | HALL 5

195806 | 2015 




Shen Shaomin | 1956 | HALL 5

I Touched The Voice of God | 2012

Titanium alloy, Braille, Video


The Propeller Group | HALL 5

AK47 vs.M16 | 2015 

Bullets, Ballistics gel, Video



Wang Huangsheng | 1956 | WORKSHOP

Tangle | 2015

Barbed Wire, Gauze,Fire,Wind