Artists: Feng Mengbo, Shen Shaomin, The Propeller Group, Katie Paterson, Song Dong

Duration: 29 April 2017onwards

Venue: Hall4/5, Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art (RMCA) 

Organizer:Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art | RMCA


OutLook, is currently on exhibition at Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art (RMCA). OutLook is a medley of the important artworks of five artists. Coming from various places, transcending different media, and created freely, these artworks have recently become part of RMCA’s collection. Running the gamut from rethinks of the reality based on personal emotions to explorations into the troublous world, OutLook treats you to an out-of-body experience where reality and virtuality coexist.


The layout of the exhibition guarantees the manifestation of each and every artwork’s individuality. The exhibits on the left and right wings of E Galleries stand in stark contrast. On this wing, the combination of black and white is impressive yet poignant. Katie Paterson's Langjökull, Snæfellsjökull, Solheimajökull,gives off a remote and sublime sound of melting glaciers; Song Dong’s Touching My Father, with his soul, he touches his family member beyond reach. His personal experiences exude powerful universal emotions. On the other wing, the in-depth crisis of civilization and scientific development is approached; Shen Shaomin’s I Touched the Voice of God, featuring the debris of Shenzhou, the name of the rocket, converts the pride and arrogance of the mankind into a crashing gravestone, conveying God’s message of punishment and destrction; The Propeller Group’s AK47 vs. M16 makes a comment on the today’s power, conflicts and struggles on the Vietnam War battlefields, and presents the confrontation between Eastern and Western cultures in a visual way; Feng Mengbo’s, featuring the launch of an atomic bomb, reflects the influence of the Soviet Union’s aesthetics on history of fine arts in modern China.


No curator will walk you through the exhibition; instead, 100,000 artwork statements will do the job. With reference to such statements, you may pick your favorite exhibit for further research and discoveries at your own will. We hope that this will take you through a dynamic exploration of the artworks and help you open yourself to unexpected ideas and insights based on what you have experienced in life and what you will view at the exhibition. Without you, who are ardent enthusiasts for art, the exhibition would be futile and meaningless.


The exhibition is open to the public at E Galleries, Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art from April, 2017.


Katie Paterson

Langjökull, Snæfellsjökull, Solheimajökull




Song Dong

Touching My Father

Performance by Video

1997 - 2011


Feng Mengbo


HD Video



Shen Shaomin

I Touched the Voice of God

Titanium alloy, Braille, Video



The Propeller Group  | AK47 vs. M16

Bullets, Ballistics gel, Video